PLASSON Water Pipe Fittings


We offer the market leading Plasson Water Supply range of fittings to compliment the blue 20mm – 63mm diameter MDPE water pipe in 25m, 50m, 100m and 150m coils.
Manufactured from virgin Polypropylene for immense impact strength and stress resistance, Plasson compression fittings are designed for connection to many pipe types and materials providing compatibility with existing systems
• Flexible MDPE pipe coils, 20mm – 32mm diameter, in 25m, 50m,and 100m in stock.  (150m lengths available to order) 50mm & 63mm fittings available to order.
• Extensive range of types, sizes and patterns of fitting with many unique solutions to everyday problems
• The ‘Plass4’ Universal Adaptors for making an immediate joint to existing copper/ lead/ galvanized steel/ PVCu or Polyethylene pipe
• A range of valves and threaded products to provide a total solution to your network needs
• The Plasson compression fittings are approved by all European and global agencies for use on potable water
• The range is simple to use with the captive ‘O’ ring seal provides lifetime protection against leakage and requires no nut tightening to achieve a seal