Plastic Gutters, Plumbing & Drainage


Aboveground Price List     (PDF of list prices of Rainwater, Soil, Waste & Plumbfit, please contact us for Trade Prices).

Underground Drainage Systems

Brett Martin provide complete underground drainage systems.  The range includes Drain, Sewer and Surface Water pipework and fittings in diameters from 53.9mm to 600mm, Access Chambers, Gullies, and Linear Drains  Manufactured to the highest quality, these systems are suitable for installation in commercial, industrial and residential developments.  All Brett Martin underground drainage systems are designed to provide the installer with maximum choice, flexibility, ease of installation and long-term reliability.

  • Complete Drain, Sewer and Surface Water systems
  • Available in diameters from 53.9mm to 600mm
  • Durable and impact resistant for long term reliability
  • Light in weight, safe to handle and easy to install
  • Fully compatible with existing drainage systems either directly or with relevant adaptors
  • Suitable for a range of commercial and domestic installations

Plastic Plumbing Systems

Brett Martin’s complete range of plastic plumbing systems cater for soil, waste, overflow and water supply in domestic, commercial and public building applications. The Soil and Waste systems incorporate both Solvent Weld and Push-fit assemblies, Traps, Universal Overflows and Compression Waste.  Hot and cold water supply solutions include Plumbfit and Plasson. Plumbfit, a totally flexible plumbing system, is suitable for all hot and cold plumbing and central heating systems. For water supply pipework, the Plasson range includes pipe coils and a full range of compression fittings.

  • Soil System in 82.4mm, 110mm and 160mm diameters
  • Waste Systems in 32mm, 40mm and 50mm diameters
  • Solvent weld and push-fit assemblies
  • Choice of colours: Grey, Olive Grey, Black, White, Brown
  • Plumbfit flexible plumbing system in 10mm, 15mm, 22mm, 28mm diameters
  • Plasson MDPE range of water supply pipe and fittings
  • Safe to handle and easy to install
  • Reliable, robust and manufactured to the highest quality
  • Fully compatible with other PVC systems

Rainwater Systems

Brett Martin’s Rainwater range features a choice of quality PVCu systems including Roundstyle, Squarestyle, Deepstyle, Prostyle and High Capacity in a variety of colours to suit any building application. Known for its quality, the Brett Martin Rainwater range has been designed to facilitate fast, efficient, economical installation and exceptional reliability which provide the merchant, installer and the end user with satisfaction, peace of mind and a full comprehensive guarantee

  • Five rainwater systems with round or square downpipe options
  • Choice of colours: Black, White, Brown, Arctic White, Light Oak, Grey
  • Strong and durable yet lightweight plastic which is safe to handle and easy to install
  • UV stabilised to prevent discoloration
  • Fully tested for accelerated ageing (BS EN 607:1995)
  • Produced to a high quality to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.
  • 10 year warranty

Deepstyle 170 170mm Industrial Rainwater System

Deepstyle 170 is a high performance industrial rainwater system offering increased drainage capacity for larger commercial projects, factories, warehouses, farm buildings and apartments. The design features innovative CLIP & SEAL technology for ease of installation, superior sealing and exceptional reliability. Strong and durable, Deepstyle 170 is manufactured from UV resistant PVC. The system’s robustness has been fully tested to BS EN 1462 Load Class H, whilst its unique formulation provides long-term weatherability for the systems high gloss gutter, fittings and downpipes.  The system is available in  Black and Grey.

  • 170mm high performance industrial rainwater system with a greater drainage capacity
  • This large scale system enables larger roofs to be drained more efficiently and effectively
  • High gloss UV protected gutter and downpipes look better and last longer
  • All fittings feature factory fitted CLIP & SEAL technology for ease of installation
  • Allows larger roofs to be drained more efficiently and effectively
  • Tested to BE EN 1462 Load Class H and BS EN 607
  • Compatible with 110mm Industrial Downpipe System
  • 10 year warranty


Cast Iron Style Rainwater and Soil Systems

Cascade is a range of cast iron effect guttering and downpipe profiles which provides authentic traditional cast iron style in plastic. A unique patented manufacturing process combines with authentic cast iron architectural detailing on pipe work, fittings and hoppers to give the full appearance of cast iron with all the benefits of modern plastic materials.

In addition to Classic Black, Cascade is available in a choice of heritage colours including Anthracite Grey, Oxford Blue, Olive Green, Graphite Grey, Sandstone and Porcelain White.